Bed Bug Exterminator

If you are looking for a bed bug exterminator in Summit County Ohio or surrounding cities, you are at the right place. These insects are difficult to eradicate but our top professionals can help you get rid of them fast.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs Size

Bed bugs are a very small red-brown nocturnal feeding insect that feeds exclusively on blood. They don't have wings and hide in bedding and crevices during the day. They are about 3 to 7 mm in length and have flat oval bodies. They bite in your neck, arms, the face and hands and all areas that are exposed.

These pests are found in bird nests, where sanitation conditions are pitiful and even in clean environments. They can live indoors and outdoors. Indoors they are found in beds, cracks, textile, curtains, furniture, and box springs.

How Do You Treat Bed Bugs Bites?

The area they bite may turn red, itch and/or swell. Bed bug bumps can be treated with creams, oatmeal baths, cool compresses, and antihistamine.

Red bumps caused by bed bugs

The bumps will be visible after about two weeks. It is highly recommended not to scratch the red sensitive areas, because scratching will cause an infection. When you notice dead bugs, egg shells, fecal, bed bug blood( has the color of rust), a musty smell, dark spots in cracks, or on your bed sheets, or other textile, there is a bed bug infestation. It is very important to inspect your house for bed bugs.

How Do You Inspect For Bed Bugs?

Check your mattress and box springs. It is important to pay close attention to tufts along the edges, and rips especially at the bottom of the mattress. It is also necessary to inspect all crevices, and seams from your bed frame. If you have things like pictures or wallpaper remove them if necessary or check behind them.

  • If you find dead bugs or their egg shells, thoroughly inspect that area/room, and adjoining rooms.
  • There are aerosols that can flush bugs out of their hiding places. Use them in places where you think bed bugs are hiding.
  • Inspect dark, isolated places.
  • Areas you really need to inspect are: walls, mattresses, carpets, box springs, electronics, furniture, appliances, and head or food boards.

How Do You Prevent Bed Bugs From Infesting Your Home?

  • All crevices and cracks need to be sealed,
  • Bed bugs like to hide in drawers, so if you have desks or dressers with drawers, it is very important to inspect them regularly.
  • Get rid of soft toys, stuffed animals, electronics, or blankets, shortly all unnecessary stuff in your (kids)room, because bed bugs can hide in them.
  • Thorough cleaning of your house is necessary. Vacuum and mop your floors regularly, if you notice bed bug remains, eggs or stains brush it away, vacuum along edges of the bedding, furniture, bed seams, edges of the carpets, foot boards etc.
  • Also wash bed sheets with hot water (not less than 300℉),
  • If you buy furniture that was already used, inspect it/ them thoroughly and bring them to a cleaning company to clean them before bringing it/ them in your home.
  • When returning from a trip wash your bedding, clothing everything you used, before putting it in your closet.

Our Services. Here are a few reasons why you need to call us:

  • We are a member of the National Pest Management Association.
  • Our technicians are professional and experienced on destroying bed bugs (pests)
  • The plans we create to destroy bed bugs does not only include pesticide application, but also the steps for the integrated bed bug management.
  • Before creating an integrated plan, a pre-inspection is conducted.
  • Our company is licensed and insured by the state.

Self-help Treatment for bed bugs. Try to do this 3 to 4 times, a week apart. Use (liquid) insecticides and aerosols in combination and:

  • Spray around your chairs, also under them, the area where your bed touches the floor.
  • Spray around doors, frames and closets, and also the inside of your closet.
  • Spray the top and bottom of dressers, and drawers.
  • Spray around windows, bed frames, furniture, and beds
  • If you have bedding that is infested, burn it or put it in a plastic bag and take it to a laundry company where they dry it at high temperature.
  • If the mattress is infested, it is better to get rid of it, but you can spray your mattress with dusts and insecticides for a few days. After inspecting it and everything is gone, place mattress safe encasement, and active guard liners over your mattress.
  • Buy bed bug monitors and traps to catch the bugs.

We provide the best bed bug treatments and extermination services in Summit County Ohio. Our goal is to help you feel at ease in your home again. All bed bug situations are unique that is why the integrated plans we create on getting rid of them are also unique. But all our treatment plans include these 4 steps:

  • Steam and vacuum treatments.
  • Our trained dogs will detect the bed bug locations.
  • Measures on preventing new infestations after we service your home/ building.
  • Liquid pesticide and aerosol treatments.

It is better to call us right away. Our procedures are environment friendly.