Termite Control - Getting Rid Of Termites

Termites can be found in all continents and sub-continents. North America is no exception. Termites are small, colony pests often called silent destroyers, because they chew through wood, wallpaper or flooring undetected as they feed on cellulose.

Ant and Termite Fumigation

Termites can be highly destructive. You should call us as soon as you notice a colony in or near your property. Even seeing a single termite is a clear indication that there is a colony close by.

We can prevent them by making the structure less attractive by using a concrete foundation with a space between soil and wood for ventilation, or by covering exposed wood surfaces with a sealant or metal bar, to keep it dry.

termite colony

There must be no excess to the structure, leaks must be fixed instantly, trees and shrubs mustn’t be planted too close to the structure, inspect your construction regularly especially the basement, walls and ceilings.

Termites can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. So you need to stay alert and act at the first signs of an invasion. Swarmer’s usually invade your home in early spring.

What You Can Do:

  • 1. Install a new barrier around your home in a similar fashion to a new waterproof membrane.
  • 2. Install a barrier of sand around your foundation, because termites struggle to move through sand. It will slow them down.
  • 3. Use a bait, it can be bought online or in stores. Set the bait around the area of the colony where they can feed off of it and die eventually.
  • 4. Use chemicals, for instance (liquid) pesticides that can be applied to the soil, chemicals to treat wood or building materials that are pre-soaked with a pesticide.

We strive to give the best termite control services in Ohio that produce successful results and satisfied customers. But before we make a plan to exterminate the termites we need to know what types of termites we’re dealing with, so we can study them and fight them professionally, and whenever possible with environmentally safe products.

The 4 Most Common Termites in Ohio:

1. The eastern subterranean termite:

This type is the most wildly distributed in the United States. These termites locate in a moist dark area for their survival. They are known for eating the internal sections (especially the spring wood) of structural timbers in no time. In a nest there are different castes, the queens, the workers, the kings and soldiers. The workers are the termites that do the damage.

The workers are small 1/8” long and their body is soft. They work the whole day and have no wings. They swarm in large numbers to find a mate from another colony to start a new colony during the spring or in rainy times. These termites constantly search for food, and their colony nest is in the ground below the frost line and above the water table. They get into buildings through cracks or travel tile flooring through gaps of 1/16”.

2. The western dry wood termites:

They are found north of Ohio. These types of termites are the least common in Ohio. They are known for causing severe damage to dry wood. These pests eat across the wood grain and create galleries and chambers connected by tunnels. They have been found on new locations and seem to be spreading. They usually nest in wood and furniture which has no contact with the soil. If you think you have this type of termites bring a sample to your local extension office.

These pests live in areas where the moisture content is less than 12%. Their small colonies are developed slow compared to the eastern termites and the damage is done by multiple colonies. They can nest in photo frames, furniture, and wood and can be even transported to new areas. Swarmer’s fly into structures and instantly infest wood on sunny days. That’s why swarming happens in September and October. Swarmer’s are about ½” long .

Our professional team will determine the extent of an infestation and the location of other dry wood termite colonies. The results will prove which treatment methods are best for your situation. Sometimes it is necessary to fumigate the entire building. This is a highly technical procedure where plants, foods, animals and residents need to be removed.

3. West indian powder post termites:

Damage caused by termites

These termites can also be transported via furniture or other timbers to other states like the previous termites cited in this article. They also infest timbers of buildings and other dry timbers having less than 12% timber moisture. They are called powder post or furniture termites, due to their small excreta droppings and their attack of furniture. Their head and body can be sort of pale yellow brown to pale red brown. You can identify these pests by their feces (small droppings) which can be in holes in the infested timber.

They also eat across the wood grain and make galleries or chambers connected by tunnels. They are located in the wood they eat, and the size of their colonies is quite small, which contain 1000 termites. Their colonies can be in the same building, and they don’t build them on the ground. They eat spring- and summerwood. Their cavities compared to subterranean termites are smooth, and clean.

4. Dampwood termites:

These less damaging termites can also be found in Ohio. They only infest wood with a high moisture content (like wood that is in contact with the ground). These termites infest decaying and damp timber, and contain different species. They swarm to build new nests throughout the year from January to October, and are larger than subterranean termites. They also consume summer-and springwood, and eat across the grain.

When eating they build a set of chambers that are connected by tunnels with walls that are smooth, and only infest wood with a high moisture content. They also only infest structures or buildings where timber and the soil are connected. These termites use their fecal droppings to seal off their chambers. You can recognize them by their big head with pincers on the front.

Termite Treatments

For treatment you receive a plan designed for your specific home construction. Like the other plans, this plan includes the pesticides we are going to use, and don’t forget that we always try to work with environmentally friendly pesticides

To call termite control you need to know the difference between ants and termites because termites can cause extreme, expensive damage to your property/home. But there are characteristics that differ their appearances. For instance the shape of the antenna, the antenna on ants are elbowed while the antenna on termites are beaded, and straight. The size of the waist of the ants is narrow, and of termites is broad. And the size of the wings, the front wings of ants are longer than hind wings, the termite wings are the same in size.

Our treatments are to exterminate the pests and keep them away for a long time. These treatments may on occasion be dangerous, especially the pesticides since it is not always possible to use green products. It is required that residents, plants, food, and animals are removed and stay away for a while during fumigation. If you think you have termites give us a call. We will send our best professionals over to identify the type of termites you have and eradicate your problem. Our goal is to give the best termite control services in the State.

Here is a summary of how our company exterminates these type of termites:

First things first we inspect your building, and surroundings thoroughly. We will make a professional report that includes control protection advice. If there are too many termites in your house, we will have to evacuate the building. We will do a chemical soil treatment, we will also install a chemical soil barrier at the end of the extermination to protect the building from a termite infestation. The chemicals we use are registered by the state and Federal Government Authority.